Bieber with Drake at MMVA 2011 Toronto

Drake and Justin Bieber happen to be supporting the other person and collaborating together a long time before Bieber’s remix on the rapper’s “Hotline Bling.” In 2011, the Torontonians tied for International Video on the Year By a Canadian for the MuchMusic Video Awards.

Bieber’s then-girlfriend Selena Gomez hosted the ceremony that year and presented the trophy alongside Colin Farrell. The singer won for “Somebody to Love (Remix)” featuring his mentor Usher while Drake won for “Find Your Love.” Upon arriving within the stage together, the rapper made room for Bieber to get closer to Gomez. “Selena, nice to fulfill you. I’m Justin,” a flirtatious, teenage Sorry singer says to his now former girlfriend around the stage. “You’re very beautiful. Maybe we can easily go out sometime.” Check sheet music page.

During his speech, Drake guaranteed to note how both he plus the singer “both take action for Toronto.” Bieber shared a comparable sentiment when previewing his “Hotline Bling” remix on Instagram. “Canadian boys really performing it,” he wrote.

Later throughout the year, Bieber released a clean remix of Drake’s “Trust Issues,” although rapper took several issues with Bieber clearing up the language. “I wish he would’ve left all of the cuss words inside it,” he told MTV News. “I seem like that would’ve been so G, if he would’ve done each of the swearing. I was excited when I heard he remixed it concerning was such as a gang of swearing as song. I was like ‘Oh, we’re gonna hear the transformation of Bieber.'” Drake was more happy with Bieber’s remix skills just four years later.

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