Singing With Adele?

Justin Bieber really wants to make music with Adele.

The 21-year-old heartthrob – who took home five gongs on the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday (25.10.15) – confessed he’s a deep admiration for the ‘Hello crooner and says she’s the “a single person” he could see himself collaborating with in the longer term.

Talking to Will Manning on KISS FM, Justin confessed: “If I could duet with anyone it would likely to end up… I would say Adele. She’s talented. Everything she does is awesome.”

Meanwhile, the ‘What Do You Mean‘ hitmaker highlight his creative differences with another recent collaborator Kanye West, who worked tirelessly on a track for his latest album ‘Purpose’ however it didn’t increase the risk for cut.

And despite getting Kanye’s “opinion” on his creations, the singer didn’t admitted it didn’t “match” in reference to his own.

He shared: “Kanye and Ruben were a part in the process, nevertheless they don’t have any records for the album. The Kanye song I did, we never finished it. It just was form of in a different direction, but they also definitely gave it two cents in the album.

“I mean opinions of creativity are only opinions. At the end on the day, sometimes their opinion’s not about to match up with my personal. I get their opinion simply to see, but it often doesn’t.”

What Do You Mean Video


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